Douglas Fir Christmas Tree

A Douglas fir Christmas tree is an evergreen tree with a pyramid shaped crown and blue green needles ¾ inch to 1½ inches long. It is our most popular Christmas tree and western Oregon's predominant tree species. It is the most dominant species in the reforested areas of our farm and left to grow can attain heights of up to 300' and live to be over 500 years old. Its thick bark helps it to survive forest fires. It is also used widely in construction for plywood veneers, cabinets, flooring and framing.
As a Christmas tree, its natural pyramid shape is enhanced each year through careful pruning and shearing. Limbs on the lower 6-8 inches of the tree are removed to allow easy entry into your tree stand. After being cut, the average life of a Douglas fir Christmas tree is 3-4 weeks.
One of the knocks on the the Douglas fir is that it may be difficult to decorate if the branches have been sheared into a perfect conical shape, leaving too little space between branches to hang decorations.

Reasons for Douglas Fir popularity include: